Bring your solution to life with custom molding and in-house prototyping.


As a producer of plastic components, North Bay Plastics is very conscious of its responsibility to the environment and the implications of its operations. Recycled polymer is used within the manufacturing process whenever production parameters and component design allows.

Injection Molding

Custom molding is our specialty and we can produce either complete injection mould products or component parts. In addition to our large selection of standard materials and colors to choose from, we also welcome your requirements for engineered specialty resins and/or special colors. Select from our standard surface finishes, or specify your requirement.


Bridge tooling helps fill the manufacturing gap that occurs while waiting three to four months for production tooling to be ready. Our injection-moulding process uses aluminum moulds to quickly and efficiently produce a run parts for pilot production or market testing before large-scale production begins.

Prototype Tooling

North Bay Plastic Molders provides quick-turn molding; for prototyping, bridge tooling and short-run manufacturing up to 10,000+ parts. We use advanced aluminum alloy molds that allow us to eliminate the costly and time-consuming custom engineering that normally goes into the development of tooling. North Bay Plastic Molders offer a broad selection of engineering-grade resins that produce moulded parts that are strong and can have excellent finishes.

Quick-turn injection molding uses the industry standard production process for parts, so it’s an excellent predictor of manufacturability when you move to large-scale production. At North Bay Plastic Molders we support an ever-increasing maximum part size and degree of complexity, and continue to introduce new materials that help designers and engineers make better products.


Small quantities of prototypes are often manufactured through our machining process, but injection molding is also utilized for a few reasons. Product developers can get a short run of parts made in real plastic and liquid silicone rubber materials while simultaneously vetting a part design for moldability.

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