Reusable Face Shields

Woman with PROTECTON Reusable Face Shield PPE

Our reusable face shields have been designed and developed to meet the demand of Canadian safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic. North Bay Plastic Molders is a proud member of the PROTECTON consortium, providing face shields to Canadians in both public and private sectors.

PROTECTON - Reusable Protective Face Shield - PPE


Our shields have been developed with extensive feedback from clinicians and other frontline workers to meet the most stringent demands for safety, coverage, and performance. Third-party testing has shown the device exceeds CSA and ANSI standards and able to be sterilized or disinfected with via many common processes, reducing PPE costs and resultant waste when compared to disposable solutions. From the hospital to the shop floor, long term care facilities to your local grocery store, ProtectON has you covered. Select from our standard offering, or, if you have unique requirements for your facility, contact us to learn how we can provide personalized PPE solutions for your organization.

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“TRUST” – Our business is based on that word.

 Our company has been a customer of North Bay Plastic Molders Ltd. for 14 years. They were there when we started and they’ve always been there since. Whether our requirement was for the design of a new item or a rush order for one of their many standard items, they’ve never let us down. Great company! Great people!

- Customer Since 1998

We have been a customer of North Bay Plastics Molders Ltd. for many years, and for good reason. Donald and Jackie have given us great customer service and worked with us when we needed special projects done. They have gone as far as driving the product right to our plant if we were in need of product right away. They have always supplied top grade product at a good price. Over the years Donald and Jackie and staff have supplied us with nothing but the best in customer service!

- Customer for 20+ Years

Our experience with North Bay Plastic Molders Ltd. has been nothing short of tremendous. Don and staff have been able to supply us with product, when no one else was able to build or supply in record time while maintaining the highest material and quality standards.

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