Drilling Exploration Rod Thread Protectors

Drilling Exploration Rod Thread Protector Caps

Material:  Low Density Polyethylene with bio-material.

Biodegradable plastic caps cover box and pin threads, seal in thread lubrication, and provide protection during shipping and storage.

Various sizes are available for thread protector caps. 


Imperial Pin and Box Drill Rod End Caps

Size Box Quantity (pcs) Box Dimensions Weight
(produced upon request)
600 19”x15”x10”
(produced upon request)
600 19”x15”x10”
BWL Box 650 22”x18”x17” 21-lbs
BWL Pin 650 22”x18”x17” 23-lbs
NWL Box 450 22”x18”x17” 21-lbs
NWL Pin 450 22”x18”x17” 22-lbs
HWL Box 250 22”x18”x17” 21-lbs
HWL Pin 250 22”x18”x17” 20-lbs
AT Box
(produced upon request)
550 19”x15”x10”
AT Pin
(produced upon request)
550 19”x15”x10”
BT Box 600 22”x18”x17” 26-lbs
BT Pin 600 22”x18”x17” 27-lbs
(produced upon request)
450 22”x18”x17”
(produced upon request)
450 22”x18”x17”
HWT Box 140 22”x18”x17” 21-lbs
HWT Pin 140 22”x18”x17” 19-lbs
PWT Box 85 22”x18”x17” 16-lbs
PWT Pin 85 22”x18”x17” 16-lbs



Size Box Quantity (pcs) Box Dimensions Weight
BW Box 300 22”x18”x17” 17-lbs
BW Pin 300 22”x18”x17” 23-lbs
NW Box 150 22”x18”x17” 26-lbs
NW Pin 150 22”x18”x17” 27-lbs
HW Box 120 19”x15”x10” 18-lbs
HW Pin 120 19”x15”x10” 19-lbs
PW Box
(produced upon request)
72 22”x18”x17” 26-lbs
PW Pin
(produced upon request)
72 22”x18”x17” 27-lbs


Metric Pin and Box Drill Rod End Caps

Size Box Quantity (pcs) Box Dimensions Weight
46mm – Box 500 19”x15”x10” 11-lbs
46mm – Pin 500 19”x15”x10” 13-lbs
56mm – Box 600 22”x18”x17” 20-lbs
56mm – Pin 600 22”x18”x17” 25-lbs
66mm – Box 450 22”x18”x17” 20-lbs
66mm – Pin 450 22”x18”x17” 23-lbs
76mm – Box 400 22”x18”x17” 20-lbs
76mm – Pin 400 22”x18”x17” 22-lbs

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